Sunny days

The weather was delightful last week, which meant that many of the things I did were outside. London is finally blooming and beautiful. Our classes are winding down so we have a lot more free time.  On Tuesday, our professor treated us all to a cricket match at Lord’s Cricket Grounds. Cricket can last days, but thankfully this county match only lasted one day, they even had lunch and tea breaks, so British. Although I did not understand most of the rules it was still really interesting to watch. I saw Shakespeare In Love for a second time that evening, and yes I still loved it. It is much better than the movie, sorry Gwenyth.

Wednesday we headed to Hampton Court Palace to picnic and wander the gardens. All the tulips were blooming and we lounged in the lawn chairs and ate ice cream. It was so dreamy. Thursday afternoon, we made a trip to this restaurant that only serves cereal. Located in Shoreditch, The Cereal Killer Cafe made me reminisce on standing in the grocery store with my mom begging her to get me the sugariest cereal possible. They had all kinds of vintage cereal boxes lining the walls. It is a super cute place.  Friday, we headed to my favorite market, Camden and ate amazing food and I bought a few too many things.

On Sunday, we took a day trip to Brighton. We wandered around the quirky shops in the lanes and read books on the beach. That evening I had one of the best burgers of my life at this restaurant called MEATLiquor and then went to a concert. We saw The Shires and John and Jacob, two bands that are a  combination of folk and country. John and Jacob are from Birmingham, which is really crazy. I did not know that country music was popular in Britain, but apparently it is. Nashville never leaves me.

We are coming to the end of our time in London, and I know that when May 10 comes I will not be ready to leave. It amazes me how vast and diverse this city is. I think you could live here your whole life and still not feel as if you have “conquered” London. I most definently have not.

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